Unscrambling the Interviewer’s mind

2 Feb

Unscrambling the Interviewer’s mind

Don’t you always wonder why does the interviewer asks these questions? How  do I ace them and are these trick questions to get me to reveal more about myself than I’m aware of?

Thinking about it, interviews are like the matador with the bull, the interviewer is constantly throwing questions in your direction trying to probe for information trying to draw blood. Whilst , the candidate is dodging and playing the game trying to stay alive.

Every question is a potential trap whether saying either too much or too little can be fatal.

This was the interesting questions that I had handpicked from Harvey Mckay’s book that I wished I had known earlier when sussing out the job market.

He had  Dr Kurt Einstein, Guru in assessing human talent and coaching thousands of executives and candidates in the art of successful interviewing to comment on these questions that interviewers ask to candidates.

1. Where would you like to be in 5 years to 10 years?

– Observe whether the candidate plans ahead and set goals

2. If you had a choice, would you rather draw up plans or implement them ?

-Draw up indicates has tendency to think innovate, conceptualize whilst Implementing has a tendency to be a doer or follower ( can be positive or negative)

3. State 3 situations in which you did not succeed and Why?

-Does he or she admit to any? Blames other? Is the candidate self assured? Has he or she learned from it and if so what?

4.We have negative areas we would like to improve. Do you agree?

-Weakness of understanding of oneself

-Try to turn this question around so that you can play on your strengths and not to your weakness and thus you want to continue to grow professionally. Whilst you are certain that you have the tools necessary to grow professionally, no one can have too much education or preparations.


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