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Youngest CEO and the RM 26 billion project

12 Feb

Venue: Young Corporate Malaysia  event aka (the Free Ted Talks for Young Corporate Malaysians)

Meet Shahrol Halmi, the Chief Executive Officer of 1MDB . He’s  an expert in value creation in multiple sectors.Shahrol has over 13 years of experience in business consulting and  Accenture IT Transformation, IT Integration, Service Oriented Architecture and complex system implementations involving large government-linked entities, government agencies as well as local, regional and global financial institutions.

Prior to joining 1MDB, Shahrol was the Executive Partner of Accenture and Managing Director of the Public Service Group of Accenture Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

His current role in 1MDB  is being involved in the RM 26 billion project to make KLIFD (Kuala Lumpur International Financial District)  the centre of synergy, culture and sustainability

What is his story and how did he get here? That was the main focus of his speech and here are the interesting points which he made

He took up the role after deciding to ” Stop Talking and Start Doing”. He had mentioned that he reflected on what else he could do for the betterment of the country other than to read political activist blogs and comment on them. He had posed this question to the audience of how can we change Malaysia, how can we get involved in CSR ? How do we take a proactive stance on shaping the destiny and situation of our country instead of just having an opinion?

– Philosophy of his success

Continuously help others and create win – win situations which I found to be in line with most of the speakers that were invited to the YCM events as they stress that by creating win win situations for other people and themselves, they help other people accomplish their goals and they themselves are lifted to higher grounds as a result of that. John C  Maxwell quoted that if we lift people up higher  through our interaction with them, we ourselves are lifted higher.

-How does he maintain a work life balance?

He had stressed that a work life balance is ensuring that we have a good network support structure of family and friends that we continue to invest time in and that they also understand the work commitments. He had mentioned that work life balance does come with a choice and there is a trade off for every decision that we make . For e.g. the workaholic colleague might work hard 80 hour work week or more  and he’s or her promotion is fast tracked  however if we opt for lesser hour work weeks and make a comparison saying that it’s unfair that our career progression isn’t as fast as our workaholic colleague, it’s futile.

As we made the decision how we choose to balance work and life, there is a trade off that we do sacrifice and the biggest misconception is the something for nothing  situation that gen y’ers may face at times. That we expect to have something without having to trade off time, effort or  choices,  a fallacy in our way of thinking.

Overall  I found the event to be enjoyable through the informal sharing session and the Q & A’s that was posed by the audience to the speaker. And the turnout of young corporate malaysian’s on a  weekday night was amazing and the vibe of the event was upbeat, enthusiastic and passionate about learning.

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